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3 teenage girls all pointing towards their shirt design with both hands wearing matching t-shirts with an image of earth rigged up with belt and helmet for electrocution, wiring running to knife switch on wall, clock showing 2 minutes to midnight, red phone, text, "MAKE the CALL"

our Casual Design Collection

Colorful, engaging and full of frolic, these designs are eclectic and

down-to-earth with a full measure of artistic flair.


Created for well-seasoned adults that appreciate a good "one-liner-joke" with a bit of wit-and-wisdom thrown in just for the fun of it.


Wear them to the picnic, the ballgame, or the office, or... anywhere, really! You'll feel great, look great and probably make someone's day!


Outshine Creatives' Artesia Brand Clothing Imprints

--- Life is amusing... dress for it ™ ---


Edgy, rule-breaking, and eyebrow raising designs for the players, the partiers and the totally uninhibited.


Designs that offer a "humorous edge" over political correctness.

Made just to get an... OMG out of others, and show people the

"funny side" of raunchy, questionable taste!


Perfect wear for the festival, watering hole, biker rally or spring break!

Set them on FIRE, or... just light the fuze – have fun with it!!!


Outshine Creatives' Artesia Brand Clothing Imprints

--- Life is amusing... dress for it ™ ---


pretty, young female with sunglasses on top of her head, holding her jacket open to show her t-shirt titled "Good Girls Never Tell... So whatcha' wanna know?"

our Provocative Design Collection

twenty-something, well muscled man with arms behind back wearing a t-shirt titled "Why Am I Here? I took root before the squirrels found me!!!"
pretty, young female wearing a sock hat listening to her phone with earphones and wearing a tanktop titled "Wait For It!"
pretty, middle-age lady with hat and flannel shirt leaning on a fence wearing a t-shirt with an image of a large letter x with sidewinder snake, apple with worm protruding, and rat with long tail inside, text, "My X – Any Questions?"
unshaven, grungy looking young male adult wearing a sock hat and sweatshirt titled "Beer Nuts!"
middle-aged male biker wearing a leather biker jacket standing in front of his motorcycle and holding his helmet at his hip, wearing a t-shirt titled "The Word For The Day Is LEGS! Spread The Word!"
pretty, young female adult gathering her hair above her head wearing a hoodie titled "You Have To Lick It... Before You Stick It"
5 or 6 year old girl playing on a jungle-gym wearing a t-shirt with a beautiful image of a baby giraffe spreading its legs to take a drink of water
pretty, female teenager leaning against a wall listening to her phone with earphones and wearing a t-shirt with a beautiful image of the head of a unicorn encircled with flowers
cute little girl toddler standing up and wearing a onesie titled "OK! I'm Here... What Are Your Other 2 Wishes!!!"
boy in his early teens facing you with arms folded wearing a t-shirt titled "The Big Cheese!"

our Kids Design Collection

Fanciful, colorful, designs created to spark imaginations

and indulge their "cool" requirement


These designs are for young, open minds where whims, fantasies and dreams can be embraced through simple, beautiful creations

Clothing that can be worn to class, a sleepover, camping trip, or to gather with their friends – looking good & feeling good – priceless!!!


Outshine Creatives' Artesia Brand Clothing Imprints

--- Life is amusing... dress for it ™ ---


the REAL WORK SIDE gallery

The "Real Work Side" gallery showcases graphic designs and copywriting examples created for organizations, small businesses, corporate, and other real-world needs.


Examples include copywriting for websites, business proposals, mission statements, blog snippets, etc. Graphic designs are samples of business cards, logos, restaurant menus, mechanical drawings, billboards, letter heads, and much more.


all design and copywriting examples produced by

B. Thomason - Outshine Creative, LLC


A skill. A talent. An "ability that is truly undefinable." You can't really "teach" someone to be creative – you can only really "awaken or engage" what's already there. But... where would we be without creativity??!

I honestly believe "everyone" is creative – in some form or fashion. YOU know what I'm talking about, you've met plenty, and didn't realize it; the person who can pick out paint colors that are perfect; someone who puts together that fantastic outfit; someone who can make a stunningly nice sign with a sharpie and poster board.  Make no mistake... THEY ARE AMONG US!

One thing I've learned after 30+ years of doing what I do... creative people (even sleepy, on-again-off-again, quiet ones) recognize "good" when they see it.

So... that's what I've been doing over the years with my Artesia Brand © (now a part of Outshine Creative, LLC) – trying to create and deliver the good; the funny; the inspiring; and the "amusing" to every piece of work I design.

Enjoy your visit and, thanks for looking.

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