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Been on the "carousel" ever since. I would (of course) have to take REALITY breaks, because you gotta' eat, but would put time in wherever and whenever.

Outshine Creatives'
Artesia Brand

© since 1989

From Humble Beginnings


I've always been a  L-I-T-T-L-E  on the "artsy" side; sketching, drawing, and such — couldn't have done those things without imagination and creativity. I enjoyed those pastimes — they never really took me anywhere, but… never went away, either.


Then… life, marriage, children, work, etc., etc., distracted me BACK to reality. But, again, the "artsy demon" was just asleep, not eliminated.


Then comes 1981... and along with it — Apples' Macintosh — the little "black & white screen" computer with the graphical user interface! Well….. needless to say, it woke the "artsy demon" from deep within me. Had to take out a loan using my car title as collateral just to get one, but never regretted it for one minute!

cartoon image of early macintosh computer with fake arrow through the side
very pretty smiling young lady with long hair wearing a tanktop with an image of a red chili pepper and young horse running and kicking up its heels, text, "Hot & Wild"

2 of my early designs just for the ladies!

I've never made anywhere near a "living" doing design work, but, I feed the "demon" and the "demon" feeds me.


My customers say I'm good at it — hope they're right. My friends say I'm good at it — hope THEY'RE right, too. I say, "Opinions are like (you know), everyone has one."

naked cartoon cupid flying away showing its butt with red arrow pointing at its ass crack

I also believe (with no reservations at all) that work should be judged on the "merits and quality" — not personal or emotional choices.


My Mom tells people I'm an "artist" — she wouldn't recognized one if they shook her hand!


My girlfriend thinks I'm a "genius" — poor woman!

man with arms at his side wearing a tanktop with an image of bronc rider on a bucking horse, saddle, hitching post, hot girl in fishnets on hands and knees waiting, text, "You can't be FIRST… but you CAN be NEXT… giddy-up"
bearded middle-age man wearing a hoodie with an image of a white longhorn cow with brown splotches standing in pasture facing you with gigantic human ears, text, "Surveillance Technology – The Early Years"
male construction worker wearing a pullover hoodie with image of rat on all four feet with human hand holding tail up, hand with finger pointing at rats ass, text, "I don't give a rats ass"

a couple of my very earliest designs!

My son thinks I'm "crazy" — much closer to the mark!!!


Me? I think I'm a graphic designer (my apologies to REAL designers everywhere).


I know that I "see" things differently than other people.


I know that "ideas" flash into my mind so randomly I wonder if I have a brain tumor. And... I'm a "visual" person, one of the things that attracted me to the computer. To take "words" and make them into a design…not as easy as it sounds.

close up of young woman wearing a t-shirt with an image of a woman standing behind desk with raised hand in a "hold it" motion, text, "STOP RIGHT THERE - I Didn't Say It Was Your Fault - I Said I Was Going To BLAME You"

2 designs that started out as just spoken words!

I chose (and created) Artesia Brand as my design label in 1989 because it was a combination of "art", and united the description of what an "artesian well" is ALL about: to spring forth water, naturally, and uninhibited.


So… ART — springing into existence… naturally — what could be more appropriate.

button icon of artesia brand logo

I HOPE you enjoy my work. I draw inspiration from music, movies, my goofy friends, comedians, pop culture, jokes, work, etc., etc.


The creativity? (if I truly have any) is mine, and mine alone.


Enjoy your visit — take the design work in — there really is a little something for everyone.


Lastly… I gotta' feed the "demon", so there's more to come — I guarantee it!

Life is amusing... dress for it 

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